Crop Circle Theories

Crop circle theories have been around since the initial public YouTube Video Cropper of such strange markings since appearing in farmers fields in the 1980’s. By 1990 crop circles had erupted into the public memory as the new phenomenon altered from modest circular patterns into enormous and complicated, geometric creations.

Circles tend to appear in regions of flattened crops which develop without explanation in fields and are undoubtedly a strange phenomena, with thousands occurring around the world, 90% of which are in the UK, especially from the region of Wiltshire, in Southern England. Although by no means limited to the UK, circles have been occurring in all regions of the world and more recently India has seen a heavy concentration of formations. Crop circles are defined as geometric circles imprinted into crops and other kinds of vegetation and from time to time in sand, shingle, earth, ice and even snow (most commonly found in the Russian regions).

Crop circles ordinarily form at night-time between the periods of 2-4 am, traditionally throughout the shortest evenings of the English calender when nighttime endures for around 4 hours only. They are credited by some to be a gateway to a more primary or pagan view of existence, displaying another reality. The formations are occasionally supported by sightings of unfamiliar lights and structured craft broadcasting pillars of light onto the field the night previously. The smallest circle noted which was part of a formation was 6 inches in width and the longest formation nearly 1 mile in length.

Crop Circle Scientific Theories

1999 saw, William Levengood and Nancy Talbott produce a scientific paper that included research into the node extending effect in three distinctive crop circles, two in England and one located in the USA. The paper showed that the node lengthening as calculated in all three crop circles may well be perfectly interpreted by accepting that a ball of light had given rise to the node swelling effect also known as the plasma-vortex theory, a natural wind/electro-magnetic vortex. The swollen nodes at the core of the crop circles may be thought of as several small thermometers, broadening their length with increasing heat. The amount of node widening, and in particular its regularity over the crop circles, lack any significant interpretation. As a result, the report strengthens the words of witnesses, declaring that they saw how crop circles were produced by “balls of light”. Biophysical verification contains plants’ with widened epidermal walls, and significantly extended node bends in fresh formations. Also seen were disfigurations of seed embryos, and the formation of discharge cavities in the plants, giving the impression that they have been heated from within.

If crop circles are a type of alien communication, as cereologists claim, then they are not completely effective, given that they are not communicating anything that we can coherently comprehend. In spite of the fact that many of today’s crop circles are noted to be the work of hoaxers, curiosity in crop circles has enjoyed recent revival thanks to a pair of new patterns that developed in a field adjacent to the Chilbolton Observatory in Hampshire, UK. The fact that high levels of radiation discovered inside some crop circles, and the strange ways the stems are bent over and disfigured from some type of energy source indicate that not all crop circles are manufactured by men accompanied by rope and wooden boards.

While doubtless many formations, in the UK at least, are manmade, this does not resolve the crop circles theories of 10,000 or more formations that have developed in India in recent years, many of them in distant fields far away from media video cameras and sightseers….

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