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Affordable housing

Councillor Brenden Hill, Lead Councillor for Housing
Tel: 01934 853 553
email: brenden.c.hill@btopenworld.com

Latest news
Construction of 12 affordable houses will soon commence. Russell Construction have been appointed to manage the build and they have been busy with all of the checks necessary before construction can be started. Some high voltage cables have been identified that will have to be moved in order to accommodate the development. There is also a main sewer that needs to be relocated and this task will be completed first.

For work to begin the access road to the ambulance station will be moved temporarily. This will involve the removal of a section of the Memorial Hall car park, which will be reinstated once these works are complete.

Councillor Hill is representing the Parish Council at monthly meetings with Russell Construction so will receive regular updates on progress. At the latest meeting he was asked to stress this very important message to everyone in the Parish -
‘No unauthorised visitors will be allowed on site due to heath and safety regulations and parents must ensure that their children are aware that the construction site is not a playground.’
He will provide a twice monthly update on this website page.
As the site at Ladymead Lane is bounded by the recreation ground and a footpath parishioners will be able to view progress for themselves - at a safe distance!

What will be built?
There will be 8 houses and 4 flats on the development. The houses will be a mix of 2 and 3 bedrooms. Each property will have a garden at the rear and a designated parking space at the front off the new access road. Some properties will be for rent and some for joint ownership.

The housing will be built using the latest construction techniques and as environmentally sound as possible. There will be another positive result from the development, as around only half of the land will be built on, with the remainder being transferred to the Parish Council for the use and enjoyment of the whole parish.

If you are interested in buying or renting one of the properties please contact North Somerset Housing Department. The Parish Council and English Rural Housing Association look forward to welcoming the new residents in 2009.

To view a plan of the development click here.


It is nearly five years since Churchill Parish Council decided to explore whether there would be a need for affordable housing within the Parish. After some initial discussions an open morning was held in the Memorial Hall in order to gauge public support. This event was held in conjunction with an organisation that specialised in the design and building of affordable housing. Following this initial event considerable support was received from people in the Parish and clearly identified a need for some form of affordable housing within the Parish.

One of the next steps was to identify whether there was any suitable land within the Parish that could be used to build some affordable homes. The site of the old school playing fields was first discussed as a possible location, but the Parish Council decided to consider other sites as being more suitable.

At the same time discussions were in hand to build a new Pre-school and Kids' Club in a field owned by North Somerset Council opposite the Primary School in Pudding Pie Lane. In order to assist both developments North Somerset Council combined the Pre-school and the affordable housing onto one site, which would reduce development costs and aid the Pre-school and Kids' Club.

Some draft plans were produced and a consultation exercise was held in the Primary school in order to gauge public support. This event proved to be beneficial as it was discovered that there was considerable concern and objection from local residents regarding the location of the proposed development.

Following this event the original site of the old school playing fields was revisited by the Parish Council and English Rural Housing Association, and some new draft plans were produced. A further consultation exercise was held in the Memorial Hall which resulted in a more positive response from local residents. It was also decided that as the original needs survey was some four years old, a new survey would be carried out, which resulted in some 30 positive responses from people with a firm connection to the Parish.

The old school playing fields are owned by North Somerset Council and following support from the Parish Council and local residents the next step was for North Somerset Council to agree that the land could be sold to English Rural Housing Association. During September 2007 the land sale was formally agreed.

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