How to Manifest Happiness and Keep it on Autopilot

Happiness is not something that can be bought. It is not something that has a price tagged to it. Happiness is generated from thin air by the experiences you have and the feelings that bubble inside of you.

When you are happy, truly happy about what you have in life, you are in a state of flow. This is when things happen automatically for you. You realize that people are friendly and they smile more simply because you are a pleasant person to be around. You find out situations go your way because the universe makes sure it does. You find happiness is the best and tiniest of things.And you can’t stop the feel-good feeling. ultra manifestation

So how do you keep this happiness mojo up?

Be grateful.

Being grateful and feeling blessed every day of your life is a great way to start and end the day. When you are grateful, when gratitude is in your system, you will appreciate all the little things that happen to you. If you happen to miss the bus, you and you had to take the train, feel happy about being able to have options of getting home in the first place.

Change the way you speak.

“I will be happy when…” Scrap that from your vocabulary. Don’t say that ever again. Don’t expect to be happy only when something happens your way, be happy NOW. Expectations will lead to disappointment if it does not happen as predicted. Rather be happy in the NOW and you will be contented with whatever that life brings your way.

Be calm.

Take up something that calms you. Lots of people run miles just to feel good about themselves. Try that. Do yoga or meditation. Have a glass of wine if that calms you. Listen to your favorite music with the lights turned off and the room door locked with a ‘Don’t disturb’ sign outside. Just be at peace with yourself, relax your mind and just when you return to the world, you’ll feel brand new. Once you are calm, you can be manifesting happiness even without knowing it.

Think happy thoughts.

Your thoughts become things. Manifesting happiness through your thoughts is a great way to train your mind to be ultra-positive and happy all the time. The moment you find yourself being judgmental or about to criticize or complain, stop yourself and reflect on the entire situation. Then turn it around and think something nice instead.

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