Where Did Computer Gaming Go? And Checkout Its Newest Comeback! Aka.ms Remoteconnect Minecraft PS4

I’m glad computer gaming is finally coming back with some real games again. Starcraft two is a premiere example. It was sold out the day it came out, and is a huge online playing forum. I have always been a computer nerd, and had to make the gradual change to Console Style Gaming. I’ve played first person shooter games, and I tended to loose interest. I’ll play Force Unleashed, Force Unleashed II (Heaven Exits, it’s this game!), Castlevania, Dragon Age and all the games that once upon a time were made for the Computer Gaming World. So I became a Console Gamer… but you don’t take your console with you! Stuck on a plane or bored on your train ride to work you tend to miss the old pastime of computer gaming. aka.ms/remoteconnect

Starcraft 2 broke the mold again with an in-depth storyline, and awe inspiring graphical engine. Dust off your laptops cuz there not just work engines anymore, they are serious portals of pure time wasting platforms of pure entertainment. Whether its free for all Player verses Player or Campaign Style Man vs A.I. Starcraft single handedly brought back the computer gaming world. And showed investors that there are a ton of computer gamers out there and they’re all ready to buy hot titles when the designers at Activision and Blizzard step up and produce them. Aka.ms Remoteconnect Minecraft PS4

So in the distance over and beyond the horizon a beautiful game is to be released, foretold for almost a decade and pushed back to the drawing board more than once… the infamous rein of “Duke Nuke ‘Em” is about to begin again. The Character was a spin off of the historic Doom Game as a first person shooter. The creator of the Duke Nuke ‘Em wanted a combination of Ash (Bruce Campbell’s Evil Dead and Army of Darkness Character) and Arnold Schwarzenegger giving the Duke the perfect blend of Sarcasm and Power. So in turn, I think I’m going to have reclaim the first person shooter hat, and celebrate with the comeback of great Computer Gaming!

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